Dances of Universal Peace International
Board of Directors


Darvesha Victoria MacDonald – President (Silver City, New Mexico email) has served as chair of the Guidance Council since June 2007 and on the current DUP Interantional board of directors since January 2008. She was a member of the original DUP International board (then PeaceWorks INDUP) at the time of its inception in 1987. She has travelled extensively worldwide leading the Dances. Her major focus of the last fifteen years has been seeding the Dances in South America, particularly in Colombia, and encouraging local leadership and mentorship. A co-founder of Wilderness Dance Camp, Darvesha has spearheaded revision of the Leaders Guild Guidelines, completed in 2010. Darvesha is a Murshida in the Sufi Ruhaniat International, a Senior Mentor of the Dances of Universal Peace, a Ziraat Experienced Farmer, and a Buddhist practitioner. (Term ends April, 2017.)




Maris Warrior – Vice President (Scotland, United Kingdom email) is a dance leader and Mentor-in-Training, having led dances since 1995. Born in Estonia, she lived in Findhorn, Scotland for 10 years, where she led spiritual journeys to Nepal, India and Tibet, co-founded a Buddhist retreat centre and gave birth to two daughters. She initiated the Estonian Dance Camp (2001) and Dervish Days Family Sufi camp in Scotland (in 2012) and leads dances at various events across Europe. Maris is currently in the management committee of Dances of Universal Peace United Kingdom. She also serves as a Sufi guide in the Sufi Ruhaniat International, drawing additional inspiration and spiritual nourishment from her experiences with Tibetan Buddhism. (Term ends April, 2019)






Kabir Stuart McKinnon – Treasurer (Nelson, BC Canada email) is a dance mentor, musician and a member of the Nelson BC dance team. Along with his partner Mirabai Wolf Willow he has co-organized and led at dance camps and retreats in Western Canada. He has also supported many DUP gatherings as a guitarist and has volunteered in transcribing music and preparing numerous Dance write-ups. Kabir brings to the DUP International board 30 years experience in administration and leadership from his career with the University of Calgary. He also serves as a Sufi initiator and as a Trustee of the Sufi Ruhaniat International. (Term ends April, 2017.)





Arjun Jorge Calero (Atlantida Ecovillage, Colombia email) was born in Colombia in 1978. Raised in close contact with nature and spiritual seeking, he finished his Biology studies in 2001 with a special degree in ethno-ecology. He has worked for years with local native communities and environmental groups in schools. He was part of the Rainbow Peace Caravan, a nomad ecovillage, school and artistic company, that traveled throughout latinamerica. In 2003 he co-founded Atlantida Ecovillage where he still resides and hosts 2 major DUP events every year. A Dance mentor, guitarist and Ruhaniat initiate, Arjun works actively with the ecovillage networks (national and continental) and the revival of the ancient wisdom of the Americas.(Term ends April, 2019.)





Zarifah Spain (Eugene, Oregon, USA email) is a certified Dance leader and musician for the Dances, having served Eugene's DUP's bi-monthly meeting in both capacities since 2011. In 2012, she worked with a group of Eugene DUP leaders and supporters to establish their circle as a Chapter of PW-DUPNA, and has served on its Board of Directors since that time, as both treasurer and secretary.  Zarifah has managed her own business as a real estate broker for the past ten years, before which time she home-schooled her twin children, and ran an independent bookkeeping service.

(Term ends April 2018.)





Munir Peter Reynolds (Corvallis, Montana email)

Munir has served as Executive Director of DUP International from August, 2009 until December 2015. He holds an M.A. degree in arts administration, an M.A. in Culture and Creation Spirituality and has worked in various nonprofit organization managerial and administrative positions since 1976.  A Senior Mentor in the Mentors Guild and Sheikh for the Sufi Ruhaniat International, Munir served from 2002 -2010 as Executive Director of Oneness Project, a Dances of Universal Peace programming and grantmaking organization in the Pacific Northwest USA where he administered grants programs supporting the Dances of Universal Peace worldwide. As a mentor and Dance leader Munir has presented Sufi and DUP retreats, dance leader trainings and camps throughout the western USA and has served on the Dance staff of numerous events in the US, Canada, New Zealand and Russia. (Term ends April 2019)




Executive Director, Secretary

Edmund Aziz Dixon (Rawtenstall, England email)

Líder Certificado, vivendo em Lancashire, Inglaterra, Aziz possui MBA pela Universidade Aberta e traz a experiência de uma variedade de papéis em gestão universitária por mais de 20 anos. Está no caminho Sufi há 16 anos e tem participado ativamente dos grupos de dança e da comunidade sufi, bem como em eventos na Grã-Bretanha. Ele serviu no Comitê de Gestão de Danças da Paz Universal no Reino Unido, incluindo as funções de administrador, tesoureiro e secretário da Aliança de Membros. Aziz também serve como gerente da Escola de Verão da Ruhaniat Européia.