International Dance Event Detail

 7 Generations, Dance Deepening and Leaders Training w Halima & Abraham, Malika S. & friends

Event Description

All Lovers of the Dance are Welcome. Together we cultivate the ground of our shared future. This is a

deepening opportunity for all Dancers and a training opportunity for Dance Leaders. Dance Leaders are

invited to deepen in the Elements of Mastery and further the fine art of Dance transmission. Mentored Dance Leaders are welcome to lead a dance during one of the sessions.

Halima and Abraham are senior mentor teachers for the Dances of Universal Peace and the Sufi Ruhaniat. Both caught their love and transmission of the Walks and Dances directly from Murshid SAM.

We meet in the spring glory of rural North Central Massachusetts. The farmhouses, barn,  Dance yurt,and organic gardens abut acres of conservation land, lake and waterfall. Accommodations include shared sleeping rooms in 2 houses and finished barn, 2 cabins, and easy soft camping sites. This fully participatory retreat furthers Murshid SAM's vision for World Peace;  Eat together, Dance together, and Pray Together,  

The retreat is 2 hours drive NW of Boston and begins with supper at 5pm Friday eve. We close by 4pm Monday. 

May 24-27, (Memorial day weekend)

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