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 Movement in Stillness, Stillness in Movement

Event Description

Guided by Dakini Warrior.
How do we find and hold on to the stillness and peace in our heart when all around us seems to draw us into disharmony and chaos? This weekend invites us to explore the practices of ancient Sufis who mastered the art of stillness amongst the crazy movements of the world, and who knew peace, no matter what the outer circumstances. We will also draw from the vast treasure troves of Dances of Universal Peace, using the mysticism of sound, music and breath to open up and explore our true nature - as Universal Peace.

Sheikha (Sufi teacher) Dakini has been leading Dances of Universal Peace and Sufi practices since 1995. She brings these profound yet joyful experiences to camps, retreats and gatherings throughout Europe and beyond. She serves on the DUP International Board of Directors, mentors aspiring dance leaders, guides the seekers of love through Sufi Ruhaniat International, practicesTibetan Buddhism and seeks to live with an open heart.

11-13 October 2019

Fran Ahmed Bassas

+34 606576072

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