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 The Continuation of Life - LIVE GATHERING

Event Description

a Gathering of Celebration

 1-4 November,

Monday – Thursday


Catalina State Park, Tucson AZ


While life the way we want it to be may not continue, Life Force is eternal, manifesting in a myriad of ever changing ways. Come celebrate that in community, with song, laughter and presence. Weekend dates were unavailable, but these dates start with All Saints Day (Hallowed or Holy Day) and end on Diwali, the Festival of Lights, celebrated by Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and some Buddhists - an auspicious time to gather. 


Background: Throughout the pandemic, Sky has been nurtured by socially distanced boondocking camping with friends, sharing music, conversation, hikes and presence (but no potlucks!), in the vast expanse of Nature. Gathering in a group campsite in Catalina State Park provides the opportunity for connection, community and music outdoors in nature, without the rigors of boondocking with no amenities.


Vision: We will share songs and chants, Dances if appropriate, conversation, spiritual practices, hikes and the energy of community (but no potlucks!), a co-created event, facilitated by Sky, so if you have possible offerings, contact her.


Really Important Note: Sky can cancel the [rather expensive] reservation for a refund up to 60 days before November 1st. Sixty days is the beginning of September, so if you are sure you are going to come, please register soon so she has an idea of whether this plan will work or not.


Cost: $15/night camping fee (per vehicle) payable to the Park on arrival; this will also cover your entry fee into the Park. If you arrive Monday and leave Thursday, that is $45 total.  In addition, Sky asks a $15-25 donation per person to help cover the cost of renting the group site and travel expenses. This is payable to Sky, via Paypal Friends and Family, or via check made to Sky Roshay and mailed to her at PO Box 1394, Snowflake AZ 85937. If you are mailing a check, please email Sky and let her know to watch for it.


Registration: Sending your donation to Sky is how you register, so that Sky and others assisting with the event know how many people to expect. Please register as soon as possible! Because the donation amount is so low, we would prefer not to make refunds if you cancel (by comparison, most events keep an administrative fee of more than this if you cancel).  Details on which campsite, Park entry procedures and directions will be sent after you register.


COVID Precautions: You must bring proof of a negative COVID test taken within 48 hours before your arrival at the Park. (Whether vaccinated or unvaccinated, because of possible breakthrough infections, this is the best indicator of possible illness. The second best is any flu symptoms; if you are having those, please don’t come.) You must also have either been vaccinated or have done a homeopathic protocol (vaccination alternative). At this point, unvaccinated people are the ones at highest risk of infection, and Sky does not want to be responsible for creating a situation where you might become seriously ill, so she asks that if you aren’t vaccinated or otherwise protected, please don’t come.


You may choose how much social distancing or other precautions (masks, hugs, etc) you are comfortable with. Please know that others will probably have other standards and be respectful of that. Also please come willing to help keep even the most vulnerable among us safe by your caution and awareness. 


Amenities: Large parking area for camper rigs and RVs, grassy area for tent campers, shade ramada, picnic tables, bathrooms and showers, water, fire pit, distance from other camping areas.


What to Bring: Your meals, camping set up, a chair, shade awning, layered clothing for all kinds of weather, musical instruments, flashlight, water bottle, hiking shoes, sunglasses and sun hat, firewood, and anything else you might want to have with you. Pets are ok, but they must be leashed and cleaned up after.


Questions: Contact Sky via email at or at one of the phone numbers listed below, or text her cell phone. She is traveling a lot this fall, so please be patient with response time.


928-536-3307 Landline, the only number that will for sure reach her when Sky is at home.

970-316-1718 Cell, the only number that will reach her when she is not at home.

1-4 November 2021

Sky Roshay

928-536-3307 or 970-316-1718

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