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Does DUP International still require tithes from event revenues to be given?

The In-The-Garden Yahoo Group

Does DUP International still require dance leaders to "tithe" money from event revenues and dance circle admissions?

We strive to cultivate a spirit of generosity throughout the dance network. DUP International relies entirely on revenue from Leaders Guild fees and voluntary contributions to further the international work of the Dances. Present needs far exceed the revenues we have to work with. That said, we do not require donations of any kind from dance leaders, other than the annual membership fee you pay to your region (from which your region forwards your Leaders Guild fee to us), or if you live in the world-wide region, your payment directly to us. See here for more information.


FAQs about the In-the-Garden Yahoo Group

What is the In-The-Garden Yahoo Group?

"In-The-Garden" is a moderated electronic email forum which we invite and encourage all mentored Dance leaders to join. In-The-Garden provides a means for us to communicate with each other about our development and training as leaders of the Walks and Dances of Universal Peace. Periodically, the Guidance Council may introduce discussion topics for our collective exploration, and will also use this email forum to announce administrative and structural changes. You may also access the emails of past discussions through the group's home page.

How do I subscribe to the group?

Simply send an email to You are then automatically subscribed!

You will receive a reply from Yahoo with a link asking if you wish to create a user name and password for Yahoo groups. You do not need to click the link and do this if you simply want to receive emails from the group. If you wish to be able to read past emails sent from the group and adjust your settings for In-the-Garden group emails, then follow the link to establish a user name and password for Yahoo Groups. If you have a spam trapper, make sure that you include "" as an exception.

How do I send messages to the group?

To post a message send your email to

Do I need a Yahoo email address in order to subscribe?

Once an email address has been subscribed to one of the Yahoo Groups, you can send messages to and receive messages from the group WITHOUT a establishing a Yahoo account.

How do I access the In-The-Garden group home page?

When you subscribe to the In-The-Garden group, you will receive a reply email from Yahoo asking if you wish to establish a Yahoo Groups user name and password. If you follow the links and complete this process, you will then be able to manage and revise this and any other of your Yahoo groups and subscription settings at any time. For more information, see  If you elect not to establish a Yahoo group user name and password, you will simply receive group emails when they go out but will not be able to read past In-The-Garden emails, etc on the group home page.

I sent my email, but it did not show up right away. Why?

This is a moderated group, which means Darvesha MacDonald, Chair of the Guidance Council, reviews all emails sent to the group for accuracy and appropriateness before they are allowed to go through.

Why does the In-the-Garden Yahoo Group not show up when I search for it within Yahoo Groups?

We created the group as a private group that wouldn't show up via the Yahoo search feature to prevent it from being found randomly, and to avoid the moderator from having to deal with requests from those not qualified to join it.

Making it a private/hidden type of group does make it more difficult for new leaders to locate. We ask that mentors direct their mentees to this page so they know the actual details about joining the Yahoo group. It would help us if mentors also follow up on whether their mentees have successfully connected!