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 Corazon del Cielo, Corazon de la Tierra

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Corazon del Cielo, Corazon de la Tierra

2020 Guatemala Dance Retreat/Journey with

Grace Marie, Hassan Paul Swanson, Elizabeth Dequine and Elisabeth Cascada Rogolsky

February 8-15, 2020

$1000 includes lodging, in country travel, 2 meals per day, guides and admission fees

This sixth year of our dance journey in Guatemala we will continue to focus on how the Dances of Universal Peace can be a vehicle for embracing and transmitting indigenous earth wisdom in the world in a way that is authentic and respectful of the living indigenous cultures.    We will meet in the UNESCO world heritage colonial city Antigua, then travel together  beautiful  Lake Atitlan.  We will spend mornings in retreat together, sharing  dances and practices and learning about the Mayan spirituality.   In the afternoons, we will visit the local community and work with our Mayan friends on co-creating new dances which can be used both in  Guatemala and as a way for us to bring their ancient wisdom to the wider world.

For more information contact:  Elizabeth Dequine, 206-842-5181

February 8-15, 2020

Elizabeth Dequine