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20th Winter Camp in Puerto Morelos Mexico

Jan 3 - Feb 7, 2020


The camp starts at 7 PM on January 31st and ends on Feb 7 around

noon. Two extra Dance evenings on Jan 30 and Feb 7.


Bernie writes, "The camp is a great break from winter.  The main leaders will be Bernie Heideman and Sky Roshay with an assist from other leaders from around the world who attend.  We will also have a special guest leader for several days at the beginning of the camp. 


"These camps have been great fun with lots of extra singing and other offerings.  There is snorkeling right from the beach or from boats that travel to the reef just offshore. (Sky: "great restaurants and ice cream too!")


"The camp costs $250 and includes a catered lunch on the first afternoon of the camp.  You are responsible for your room and board and travel. I am booking

rooms at Gota de Sal (where we dance).  A room for 1 or 2 is $63/night .  The rooms are clean and remodeled about 2 years ago, have air conditioning and a bathroom but no kitchenette (most if not all the rooms have a small fridge). 


"There are lots of other places nearby.  Let me know if you want a list of more recommendations or want to reserve a room at Gota (no deposit needed for the room but deposit for the camp is needed ($100/person) to reserve one of those rooms).  Some people rent multiple room condos. You will be happier having a room near the beach and within 4 blocks of the town square.  Some rooms that show up on an internet search are in the "colonia" which is about 3 km from the beach and more hassle for travel and possibly more noise.


"Allow yourself some extra time before and/or after the camp to hang out or travel to the many interesting Mayan ruins, eco parks, colonial cities, etc around the Yucatan. (Sky: "or just hang out in Puerto Morelos, a lovely village where you can walk almost everywhere and it's all close to the beach.")


"You will fly into Cancun and take a bus or cab to Puerto Morelos, about 

20km south of Cancun.


"My work the last few years has centered on choosing to be in the heart 

and inviting joy into my life.  We will continue this work together in Mexico."


To register, contact Bernie at or 970-872-2172


U.S. CITIZENS: YOU NEED A PASSPORT TO ENTER MEXICO.  CHECK YOUR PASSPORT'S EXPIRATION DATE. There are sometimes issues if your passport will expire within 6 months of your travel dates.

31 January - 7 February 2020

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