Dances of Universal Peace International
Meeting Minutes


This page contains links to .pdf files of Dances of Universal Peace International telecon board meetings minutes held since the reorganization enacted September 22, 2009.

Policies pertaining to ongoing board operation can be viewed here.


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2011 Key Business or Action Items
December 13 Financial Reports
Nominating Committee
Guidance Council Report
Executive Director’s Report
2012 Board Meeting Schedule
September 13 Financial Reports
Fund Drive Planning
Executive Director’s Report
Community Coordinator Report – A report on work accomplished to date in contacting lapsed members and leaders
Guidance Council Report
Next meeting date

May 10
Approve By-laws Changes
Executive Director’s report
Financial Reports
Community Coordinator Position
Establish Fundraising Committee
Next meeting date
February 8

Financial reports

Administrative Committee Meetings

Year 2011 Goals

Guidance Council Update

2010 Key Business or Action Items
December 14 Approval of Minutes from October 12, 2010 (attached)
Financial Report
Approval of 2011 Goals and Activities
Approval of 2011 Budget
NA/IN Lapsed Member Calls report (information only
Website Updates and Additions.
October 12 Approval of Minutes from September 14. 2010
Review of achievements this year toward 2010 goals and objectives
Discussion of draft 2011 goals, programs and initiatives
2011 Fundraising focusing on the Leaders Guild
Announcement of new DUP International Website
September 14

Financial Documents to date Review

Name Change to Dances of Universal Peace International

Fundraising Discussion

Goals and Objectives for 2011

Website Update (information)

MTG Guidance Council Report to the IN board

Memberships Dues Question

June 8

Financial Reports: 2009 Year End, 2010 Year to Date
Financial Housecleaning: reclassification of Balance Sheet items

Regions task force report and approval of regions policy;
Communications - report on quarterly Leaders Guild e-newsletters
Approval of a communications plan;
Presentation of a way forward to contact Ruhaniat leaders who have not paid dues in the past to join the Dance network;
Adoption of “Dances of Universal Peace International” as the working name of the organization;
Discussion about logo use under the new logo policy;
Gift of Wisdom Comes Dancing books to Kamae Miller

April 20

Annual Meeting

Financial Reports - 2010 Year to Date and Balance Sheet

Possible Name Change

Websites Update

Communications, Dues, Draft Regions Policy (Regions Task Group Report)

MTG Guidelines

March 9

Seattle Office Closing

New Website Update

New Certification Guidelines Distributed

Old Website

Communications, Dues, Regions and other issues

Administrative Committee Meeting

Chilean Telecon

February 9

Rough Draft Financial Statements Dec 31, 2009

Logo Policy (Action item)

Pubs update

Historical Materials from SRI

Bylaws Revisions

Leader Guild Dues & Issues

2010 Budget /Goals and Objectives

Support from Oneness Project

Telecon with Russian Community


Website Draft Welcome and Home Pages

January 12

Pubs update

Bylaws Revisions

2010 Budget

Leader Guild Dues

2010 Goals and Objectives

Request for Support from Oneness Project

2009 Key Business or Action Items
December 8

Pubs update

Regional Telelcons and Dues Discussion

New Bylaws

2010 Budget

Request for Support from Oneness Project

November 10

IN Website – update

DUPNA In-Body meeting

Pubs Proposals including Pubs Goals

New Bylaws and Annual Meeting

Next Meetings

PW Inc regional telecons

October 21

New Bylaws

Annual Meeting

Election of Interim Officers

Alima Stoeckel as German Advisor

IN Website – update

Pubs Proposals, including Pubs Goals

Foundation Manual

PW Inc regional telecons

Committee Assignments

October 14

Discussion of Notes and/or Minutes decision

Discussion of usefulness of Backgrounder

Kabir McKinnon as Interim Treasurer – update

Alima Stoeckel as Advisor

IN Website – update

Pubs Proposal

Upcoming PW Inc regional telecons

New Bylaws

October 7

Discussion of Distribution List

Kabir McKinnon as Interim Treasurer

IN Website

Discussion of Unity Council Recommendations

Pubs discussion

Upcoming PW Inc BOD telecons

September 29

Note on BOD recruitment

Key Tasks/Issues

Interim Treasurer

IN Website

Unity Council Recommendations

Upcoming PW Inc BOD telecons

September 22

Announcement to Advisory Council re Annual Meeting

Board of Directors

Possible Discussion of Items to Pass on to New BOD