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 Puerto Morelos Dances of Universal Peace

Event Description
 Dates are 25-30 January, 2022. Dances will be facilitated by Sky, Jen and Douglas, and will include other attending Dance leaders. 


The retreat is limited to 40 people (plus staff) who are vaccinated, and have had a booster shot if they are eligible for that. Breakfast and dinner will be provided through the whole retreat, to help people avoid eating in restaurants. Registration deadline is January 14 so people will have time to quarantine for 14 days before traveling. A rapid results COVID test will be required the first morning of the retreat before you can join us.


We ask that you avoid mingling with anyone outside the retreat during the retreat, plan your day trips or side excursions for after the retreat, wear a mask and avoid indoor restaurants and collectivos during the retreat. N-95 masks are recommended to be worn the entire time you are traveling to Puerto Morelos. 


We have a block of rooms reserved at Gota del Sal (the hotel whose beachfront area we Dance on) and the Dance House (aka Alaska House). Reservations for either of those are available on the informational webpage, as is the registration form and more information:

25-30 January 2022

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