Leaders Guild Fees and Donations


Dances of Universal Peace International is funded by annual Leaders Guild fees from mentored leaders worldwide and by donations. Mentored leaders pool their funds in this way to enable DUP International to support the Dances worldwide - to develop resources and programs in multiple languages to serve the Leaders Guild, to carry forward the work of the Guidance Council, and to link the worldwide Dance community. We describe the benefits to Guild members more fully in About the Leaders Guild.

Some DUP regions (specifically Australia, Germany, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Switzerland and the United Kingdom) collect Leaders Guild fees with their Leader annual membership dues and forward Leaders Guild fees to DUP International. More information here.

Dancers, musicians and others who love the Dances of Universal Peace can also support our international work by making a contribution here.

Dance Leaders who are initiates in the Sufi Ruhaniat International are asked to be supporting members of the Leaders Guild by paying their annual fees as described above. Thank you for your support of Dances of Universal Peace International!


Financial Need and Fee Support


Dances of Universal Peace International asks for an annual Leaders Guild fee from all mentored leaders of the Dances, including leaders in parts of the world where we formerly allowed complimentary dues because of weak economic conditions. However, we understand that financial hardship is a reality for some of our leaders. We have therefore created a fund to support the Leaders Guild fees of those who are not able to pay their annual fee at this time.

If you would like to apply to receive support of your Leaders Guild fees simply go to our fee support webpage and fill out the form. You will have an opportunity to pay a portion of your fees, if you are able. We will acknowledge your application and charge your current year's fees to the Fee Support Fund created by donations we have received for this purpose. Fee support extends to the current year's fees only, you must apply again each year that you need support.