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Abwoon Resource Center - Resources and events on the Aramaic Jesus and the Dance work of Saadi Neil Douglas-Klotz

Centrum Universel - An e-book version of the message volumes and sayings of Hazrat Inayat Khan in English and German

Dances of Universal Peace Regions/Networks - Links and Contacts Worldwide

Dance Musicianship Links - On the DUP North America Website - Downloadable photos of Murshid Samuel Lewis for sale.

Murshid: A Personal Memoir of Life with American Sufi Samuel L. Lewis - Link to book by Mansur Johnson, one of Murshid Sam's original disciples. - A library of Murshid Samuel Lewis' esoteric papers, correspondence, letters and recorded talks

Omega Publications - The publishing outlet of the Sufi Order of the West featuring many works by Hazrat Inayat Khan and others.

Oneness Project - A Dances of Universal Peace organization offering camps and retreats in the Pacific NW USA, and small grants to support Dance projects. - A enormous, searchable resource of sacred texts from many traditions. - The complete works of Hazrat Inayat Khan on line

Sufi Ruhaniat International - The Sufi Order founded by Murshid Samuel Lewis


Links to Personal Web Sites of Dance Leaders


Saadi Neil Douglas-Klotz - Scotland, United Kingdom

Anahata Iradah - Georgia, USA

Barbara Swetina - Scotland, United Kingdom

Bernie Heideman - United States

Darvesha MacDonald - New Mexico, United States

Glen Burden - Germany

Grace Marie - Colorado, United States

John Rees - England, United Kingdom

Josine Zon - France

Khabir Christian Mayer-Glauninger - Germany

Lida Chrastanska - Czech Republic

Muiz Brinkerhoff - United States

Narayan Eric Waldman - United States

Noor and Akbar Helweg - The Netherlands

Philip O'Donohoe - England, United Kingdom

Raaja Hakim Fischer - Германия

Rahima Jena Tara – Aotearoa/New Zealand

Ralph Nimmann - England, United Kingdom

Tara Andrea & Maboud Swierkosz - United States

Wali & Arienne van der Zwan - Germany

Zahir Orest (USA) - sufi guitar lessons on Youtube

Zubin Nur Westrik - The Netherlands




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