For Dance Musicians


DUP International extends best wishes and thanks to all musicians who play for the Dances of Universal Peace!

Playing music for the Dances is a beautiful way to enter into the sacred atmosphere and co-creative experience of the Dances of Universal Peace. The Dance musician serves the Dance leader and the circle of dancers, helping to communicate the depth of the sacred phrase through the very special, nonverbal medium of music.

Our Leader Guidelines in the Elements of Mastery section now make a provision for musicians as members of the Leaders Guild. It reads as follows: “Dance musicians who are called to cultivate and participate in this concentration more deeply are invited to take a mentor for that purpose. This is a “walking with” path. In this case the mentoring process focuses on deepening in dance musicianship and attunement rather than dance leadership, and does not necessarily lead to certification.”

A musician who takes a mentor becomes a member of the Leaders Guild, receiving all the benefits of that. These include access to the resource library, listing in our on-line directory, and receipt of our newsletters. The musician agrees to abide by the Agreements in the Leader guidelines, including payment of the annual Leaders Guild fee.

If you are a Dance musician interested in joining the Leaders Guild, first speak to the mentor or mentor-in-training you would like to guide you as musician. For more information see Find a Mentor. We suggest that you also become familiar with the Leader Guidelines so that you know more about the the path of Dance leading and the blessing stream of the Dances of Universal Peace.

After you choose a mentor, your mentor will gather your contact information and submit it to the Community Coordinator. The Community Coordinator will register you in our data base as a Mentored Leader and contact you with a Welcome letter and additional information.

We wish all dance musicians well on their journey into the beauty and capacity that this path offers. The resources on this page are some of the many tools that have been developed to help musicians better understanding their role and the possibilities inherent in it.


Musician Resources


Excerpts from Murshid Samuel Lewis' commentaries on the Metaphysics of Sound, Series I: Numbers 5, 8 and 10 by Hazrat Inayat Khan (c) 1978 Sufi Ruhaniat International:

Metaphysics of Sound Number 5 Metaphysics of Sound Number 10
Metaphysics of Sound Number 8


Excerpts from the Mysticism of Sound by Hazrat Inayat Khan

Guitars of Universal Peace by Anahata Iradah (Republished, including bi-lingual (English/Portuguese) 120 page book and 4 DVD's)

Play in again for SAM: guitar instruction book for Dance musicians by Wali and Ariënne van der Zwan

Musicianship for the Dances of Universal Peace by Munir Peter Reynolds

Open Tuned Guitar by Tansen Philip O'Donohoe

Open Tuning Guitar Chord Chart by Munir Peter Reynolds

Basics of Open G Tuning by Sky Majida Roshay


String Gauges for B-flat Tuning on neck tension, tuning by Wahiduddin Richard Shelquist


Advanced Chords and Music Theory for Open Tuning by Nur al-Haqq Dave Walker


For instructional videos and much more on musicianship for the Dances

visit DUP North America's Playing Music for the Dances webpage.