Mentor Frequently Asked Questions


How do I contact DUP International about new mentees, mentoring changes, status changes, or questions for my mentees? What information do I send?

Send an email to our Community Coordinator at For new mentees be sure to send the mentee's name, mailing address, phone, email address and the beginning date of mentoring. Your mentee will need to pay their Leaders Guild Fees before we will issue him/her a user name and password to access the resource area. Be sure to send the Community Coordinator the contact information above before advising a new mentee to pay their fees at the Pay Leaders Guild Fees page.

For status changes such as certifying your mentee, send the new status and the date the certification took place to the Community Coordinator.


How do I log into the website?

In the dropdown menu above go to Leaders Guild>My Info and enter your User Name and Password. If you have lost this information, write to and ask us to send it to you.


How do I see my list of mentees?

Log in (described above) and click "My Info" and then click the "Mentees" button


How do I know the date my Leaders Guild fees expire?

Log in, click "My Info" and click "LG Paid to Date"


Where do I find the Dance Leader Guidelines?

In the drop down menu above go to Leaders Guild>Leaders Guild Guidelines. You will see pages for the six sections of the Guidelines: Welcome, Dance Leaders Journey, Agreements, Elements of Mastery, Materials and Resources and Bibliography. Or you can download the entire guidelines as a single .pdf file here.


Where do I find the Mentor Guidelines?

The guidelines for Mentors are available in the drop down menu under Leaders Guild>Mentors Guild>Mentoring Path or as a .pdf file here.


How do I list my events on the DUP International Website?

Go to the Worldwide Network>International Events and click the link at the top of the page to add your event.