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Spiritual Dance and Walk

This revised and expanded version of Samuel L. Lewis’ writings on dance, walk and breath gives the

means to embody the peace one desires in the world in one’s own life.

Includes additional material by Samuel L. Lewis as well as articles on dance and the mysticism of music by Neil Douglas-Klotz, Moineddin Jablonski, Wali Ali Meyer and Allaudin Mathieu with full instructions

and musical notation for Dances of Universal Peace, Volume I. PeaceWorks

ISBN 0-915424-13-4        142 pages       paper




Dance booklet for UK 5 Return to Love

Dance descriptions for:

Heart Bismillah/Tuag At Yr Un/The Beltane Brand/Roll Mabon Roll/Light of Water/Uma Mariam/Ardvisura Anahita/Om  Shanti/Om Mani Padme Hum Partners Dance/Tara Dance/Om Mani Padme Hum/Sabbe Satta Sukhi Hontu/Eytz Hayyim Hi/Ihdinas Sirat Almustaqim/Knocking Zikr/Disclose to Us Thy Divine Light/Enthüle uns Dein Göttliches Licht/Hu Hu Hu Hu Allah/Wise Earth/ Return to Love

36 page Instruction Booklet     $6


Dance booklet for Europe 3

Dance descriptions for:

Toward the One/Go sweep out/May the road/Only a heart/Kyrie/O Nkosi Jesu/Qawwali Allah hu/cycle of the heart/Three wazifa dance ii/Egyptian as-salaam/Blue Moon cycle/Ishq Allah partner dance/Archangel invocation/Open the doors/When I awake/Softening/Namo Amida Butsu

32 page Instruction booklet $6




CD set

Available as a set: 11 CDs comprising DUP 1 to 5, Original Dances of Murshid Samuel Lewis, Creation Dances, Europe 2 and 3, UK 4 and 5




Foundation Dance Chants CDs 1 and 2

101 dance chants to accompany the original Foundation Manual, which is now available online for current Leaders Guild members.






Rhythms of Universal Peace

Rhythm Patterns to Accompany the Dances of Universal Peace for Guitar and Other Instruments

Compiled and arranged by Anáhatá Iradah

Using 13 well-known Dances of Universal Peace, Anáhatá’s clear instructions guide the student through different rhythmic patterns of guitar strumming which can be used for each Dance, or portions of each Dance. The rhythms are notated in the booklet for visual learning and the guitar playing on the CD is crystal clear and easy to follow. The rhythms can be adapted for playing with two hands for drummers. This is a great learning tool for anyone who has had little professional music instruction (or instruction which was many years ago). It will quickly and easily improve their guitar playing to respond with greater flexibility to the atmosphere of different Dances.

65-minute CD and 24 page spiral bound booklet


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