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 Dancing Heart Camp- Wisdom comes Dancing

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 XI DANCING HEART CAMP Latvia 2024 ! Dances of Universal Peace, Music, Mantra & Meditation in LatviaPROGRAMME: • Dances of Universal Peace • Mantra singing• Sufi practices & whirling• Spontaneous dances• morning practices• creative workshops• songs around campfire• shaman practices• voice workshops• Chi Gong, Yoga• Sufi bazaar - sell & buy cute things• and other spontaneous events RESERVATION AND QUESTIONS: and are delighted to announce our annual Dancing Heart Camp Latvia - celebrating 35 years of the DUP in Latvia!Shamsia Sandra Sunfire lives, Dances and Walks in Wales and has done for nearly 30 years. She follows the Path of the Heart, the Path of Love. Shamsia is a leader and mentor of Dances of Universal Peace. She loves the retreat process that draws on the rich tapestry of wisdom teachings and practices, the rhythms of nature which empower us to be more of who we truly are. She both leads and attends retreats. Shamsia is a conductor in the Dervish Healing Order and is dedicated to service on the healing path.​Silje Devi Our Beloved Friend & dear neighbor Silje has been leading Dances of Universal Peace since 1998. Besides, of Estonia, she has led DUP and Sufi events in Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine and UK. She has been co-organizer of the Dance camps and Sufi retreats in Estonia over the last 19 years. Murshid Saadi is her inspiring Sufi guide, but she has learnt a lot from many other great teachers, including Murshid Saul Barodofsky from Dervish Healing Order. Silje likes to share the joy, peace, harmony and feeling of Unity through the Dances and Sufi practices. And especially we are all melting into wonderful zikrs though all the years the Dancing Heart Camp exists.​

20-25 August 2024

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